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Powered By Change (PBC) is the most advanced, comprehensive and powerful business growth platform ever created. PBC is based on the Sunday Times Bestselling book, Powered By Change, and its methodologies have been incorporated into hundreds of companies all over the world, from startups to multi-billion dollar blue-chip organisations. You can start your FREE training to become a PBC Coach by clicking here. Or, if you are a business professional, you can get started with PBC without charge by clicking here

We are delighted to be featured in The Australian Business Journal as one of the ’10 SaaS Companies To Watch in 2021′. Click here to read the review.

The author of Powered By Change (Jonathan MacDonald) was interviewed for a popular podcast you can access here, and also featured on Ticker News. Check out the interview via this video ->

The 6 main differences between PBC and other coaching and business acceleration platforms are:

1. PBC has a unique methodology, built for 2021 and onwards, which merges cutting-edge mindset systems with human authenticity and the alignment with purpose, rather than regular run-of-the-mill business spreadsheets.

2. PBC is agnostic. It is complementary to other programs or can be used as a stand-alone platform. Coaches can use it in addition to their current tools.

3. PBC is individualised rather than generic. Every person experiencing the platform has a tailored interaction, rather than a one-size-fits-all.

4. PBC is a perpetual operation rather than a one-off activity. The days of one-off change management are over, now it’s all about the management of perpetual change.

5. PBC is proven to work in some of the largest companies on earth. The foreword to the book that PBC is based upon is written by the CEO of IKEA who is a PBC fan. Other companies such as LEGO, Heineken, Unilever, P&G, Google, Microsoft and many more, have called upon these methodologies for their acceleration.

6. PBC coaches have an ability to earn significant ongoing revenue from the platform, unlike other business coaching platforms. It’s important to us that we give back to coaches who participate in the PBC community.

If you have always wanted to be a business coach, or you are already established with a client base, PBC can accelerate your career exponentially.

Frequently asked questions

PBC has been developed based on an Award-winning, Sunday Times bestselling book which contains numerous methodologies that have been tried and tested by dozens of individuals and organisations. You’re in safe hands.

We are committed to quality control and it is vital for coaches to truly understand every part of the solution and approach. Plus, the frameworks here can add significant value to clients, so it’s a win-win. We want to make sure that coaches have the resources needed to add as much value to a client’s journey as possible.

We have terms and conditions but there’s no locked-in contract between us. In addition, a client’s relationship with a coach is between them, not us. A client engages a coach for coaching and the coach enables the client to use PBC, this may also be in addition to other resources that coaches offer.

If you’re a client, your coach will hopefully do that, with the assistance of this game-changing platform! And yes, we’ll do everything we can to provide you and your coach with the tools necessary to succeed. We are confident that the PBC Solution is the most advanced set of business coaching resources on the market, so we would hope that this suite of services will have a very positive impact. If you’re a coach, PBC can absolutely catapult your business. As you’re going through your training, you’ll find more resources to assist you along the way – plus, you can meet the author of Powered By Change each week in an online video call. There may also be other coaches on these calls who can share their experiences too!

If you have the ambition to be a business coach and the means to go through the training, then yes! The accreditation includes various quizzes to ensure you have a solid understanding of PBC, and you can speak with the author each week. The starting point is to watch the FREE webinar and then decide whether you’d like to get accredited. It takes a few weeks to do the training and then you can start getting clients (and referring other coaches if you wish).

what people say about pbc

"In the modern world change is the only constant, but few companies and leaders have any clue how to deal with this reality. Powered By Change gives them more than a clue. It gives them an entire route map."
Mike Butcher
Editor-At-Large, TechCrunch
"Embracing change is one of the greatest strengths you can have in today's crazy world, so stop what you're doing and start Powered By Change now!
Craig Hepburn
Head of Digital Transformation, UEFA