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Ask the Author Videos

This is where the author of Powered By Change, Jonathan MacDonald, answers questions from coaches and clients. If you’d like to submit a question, please drop the team a line: team@poweredbychange.com


“We all know that change is constant, but it seems like there are companies (and people) that, for whatever reason, just resist change. In your opinion, why is there such a resistance? What is the impact of ignoring change?”
“Can you give an example of a company you have helped to truly embrace change? How did they do this? What was the outcome?”
“Can short and long-term goals (including barriers or helpers) be the same, or are they different?”

For you, what does it mean to be ‘Powered by Change’?”

“You’ve worked with many global companies, and mentored many executives. From your experiences doing this, what has been a key common problem you’ve noted? How have you helped to resolve it successfully?

“Given your experience working with organisations of all sizes, from global corporations to start-ups, what have you observed to be a key differentiating factor between those that are highly successful, and those that aren’t?”