Frequently Asked Questions – Client

PBC has been developed based on an Award-winning, Sunday Times bestselling book which contains numerous methodologies that have been tried and tested by dozens of individuals and organisations. You’re in safe hands.

We are committed to quality control and it is vital for coaches to truly understand every part of the solution and approach. Plus, the frameworks here can add significant value to clients, so it’s a win-win. We want to make sure that your coach has the resources needed to add as much value to your journey as possible.

We have terms and conditions but there’s no locked-in contract between us. In addition, your relationship with your coach is between you both. You engage them for coaching and they enable you to use this platform, perhaps in addition to other resources they offer you.

Coaches charge different amounts and it is up to you how much you have agreed. PBC has no involvement in how much you pay your coach. What we can say though is that cheaper doesn’t always mean better when it comes to business coaching.

Your coach will hopefully do that! But yes, we’ll do everything we can to provide you and your coach with the tools necessary to succeed. We are confident that the PBC Solution is the most advanced set of business coaching resources on the market, so we would hope that this suite of services will have a very positive impact.

You can find a list in our coaches directory. Every coach you see in there is PBC accredited so is trained to assist you in this solution. If you’re looking for coaches externally to PBC, you may want to let them know about PBC and ask whether they would consider getting accredited.