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Design Your Business For Perpetual Success

In this video you will see inside the PBC platform and learn how this powerful system works.

PBC requires you to have a PBC accredited coach to work with you and your business through the process.

Some the largest companies in the world have used these methodologies for success, however PBC can be equally as effective for small to medium size companies too.

Now is your chance to use the most advanced success formulas that accelerate growth and unlock potential.

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For business owners, entrepreneurs or executives, Powered By Change can unlock extraordinary value in personal and professional performance. Currently, PBC requires you to have an accredited PBC coach. In future versions this will change, but for now, if you’re on the search for a coach, click here to view the coaches directory. In the meantime, do check out the FREE webinar by clicking here.

Quick Assessment

Want to figure out what core element of your business is under-performing? This quiz provides the answers.

Full Assessment

The PBC Client Assessment will identify the best place to focus on as a priority, representing the area with the biggest opportunity for improvement.

How Ready Are You To Rebuild Post COVID-19?

This quiz is to assess your levels of readiness to rebuild in a post COVID-19 world. Use this to understand your existing state and increasingly focus on increasing your level, to ensure the bet chances of prosperity today and tomorrow.

Are You Building A Wall Or A Windmill?

Are you set-up to use change as a fuel to supercharge your results (a ‘windmill’), or to resist the forces of change by maintaining the status quo (a ‘wall’)?

What's Your Biggest Challenge?

This quiz helps you identify the most pressing challenge to resolve in your business.

About the PBC Methodology

The methodology found within Powered By Change is known as The Windmill Theory (despite it being a practice rather than just a theory)! The starting point is from an ancient Chinese proverb: “when the winds of change are blowing, some build walls and others build windmills”.

If we consider the winds of change as the only constant, the most opportune structure of an organisation is as a windmill, so it can be Powered By Change. This platform is an entire set of tools for how to create your own windmill, in the face of accelerating change.