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PBC has been developed based on an Award-winning, Sunday Times bestselling book which contains numerous methodologies that have been tried and tested by dozens of individuals and organisations. You’re in safe hands.

We are committed to quality control and it is vital for coaches to truly understand every part of the solution and approach. Plus, the frameworks here can add significant value to clients, so it’s a win-win. Even if you have been coaching for years, this solution is very unique and may differ from methods you have used in the past.

There are two types of licence. One is the PBC Coach Licence which enables you to do business as an accredited PBC Coach. This is paid monthly in advance and you can cancel at any time. The other is the Client Licence which you buy individually or as a multiple, and your clients can then be onboarded (up to the volume of licences you’ve bought).

You can cancel at any time. There’s no lock-in period. However, if you do cancel, you will also be canceling any referral income you’re earning, and of course, your ability to use the solution, positively impact clients and make a profit from their licenses.

Word of mouth can be extremely effective, especially when someone refers someone else. Also, there are many online groups you may consider joining with a view to letting prospective clients know about PBC. There are many other ways of course, and other coaches may be able to share some key advice of their own.

Obviously, the objective is to fill the licences you purchase, however it’s quite likely that you have one or more that are yet to be taken even though you’ve purchased them. It’s all about your personal pricing model. If you’re charging enough from your existing clients to warrant buying more licences even if a few aren’t used for a while, then that could work. However, if you’re not making much profit from marking up the licences (and therefore cover any extra licence expense), then it may be better to ensure you have clients in place before buying licences.

Not yet. If this is a feature you would like, please get in touch with us by emailing:

Yes, you can pause your account for up to six months. Details on how to do that can be found by clicking here.