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In this video you will see inside the PBC platform and learn how this powerful system works.

PBC is agnostic to whatever existing tools you may be using, you can add PBC as a premium service, or alternatively, use PBC as a stand-alone solution.

After you have completed the training, you will have access to a range of resources you can use to bring in clients and grow your coaching business.

Your clients can watch a similar version here, that shows them the interface from their perspective.

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For business coaches, the starting point is to watch this quick overview of the platform or, for even more detail, attend the FREE webinar to learn about the thinking behind PBC. At any stage you can start your PBC training and get accredited.

You can get accredited FREE by clicking here. Training takes a maximum of 8 weeks but the average completion time is 3 weeks. Then, it’s time to bring in clients! 

Once you have completed your FREE training, you’ll have the option to either purchase a coaches licence or keep your accreditation paused for up to 6 months. Throughout your journey, if you’d like any further details at any time, or just to check in with the PBC team, we’re here for you – just email: team@poweredbychange.com

The PBC Coaches Quiz

The PBC Coaches quiz will help you understand how the PBC platform can enable you to unlock the full potential for your coaching business.

Is Your Client Building A Wall Or A Windmill?

Is your client set-up to use change as a fuel to supercharge their results (a ‘windmill’), or to resist the forces of change by maintaining the status quo (a ‘wall’)? Take this quiz to find out.

What Is Your Client's Biggest Challenge?

Take this quiz to identify the most pressing challenge to help your client resolve in their business.

What Is Your/Your Client's Readiness To Rebuild?

Take this quiz to assess your or your client’s readiness to rebuild business following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Powered By Change (PBC) is the most advanced, comprehensive and powerful business growth platform ever created. PBC is based on the Sunday Times Bestselling book, Powered By Change, and its methodologies have been incorporated into hundreds of companies all over the world, from startups to multi-billion dollar blue-chip organisations. The 9 main differences between PBC and other coaching and business acceleration platforms are:

1. PBC has a unique methodology, built for 2021 and onwards, which merges cutting-edge mindset systems with human authenticity and the alignment with purpose, rather than regular run-of-the-mill business spreadsheets.

2. PBC is agnostic. It is complementary to other programs or can be used as a stand-alone platform. Coaches can use it in addition to their current tools.

3. PBC is individualised rather than generic. Every person experiencing the platform has a tailored interaction, rather than a one-size-fits-all.

4. PBC is a perpetual operation rather than a one-off activity. The days of one-off change management are over, now it’s all about the management of perpetual change.

5. PBC is proven to work in some of the largest companies on earth. The foreword to the book that PBC is based upon is written by the CEO of IKEA who is a PBC fan. Other companies such as LEGO, Heineken, Unilever, P&G, Google, Microsoft and many more, have called upon these methodologies for their acceleration.

6. PBC coaches have an ability to earn significant ongoing revenue from the platform, unlike other business coaching platforms. It’s important to us that we give back to coaches who participate in the PBC community.

7. PBC allows a coach to pause their membership for up to six months without having to delete it. This is because we understand that sometimes circumstances arise in which assistance is needed. 

8. PBC enables collaboration in real-time between coaches and clients through the PBC Assessment.

9. PBC enables coaches to visualise the performance of all clients in one consolidated dashboard.