Meet The Team


Kristi is a highly experienced Product Owner, Scrum Master and Agile Coach and data specialist. She is passionate about helping teams improve efficiency and deliver value to business, stakeholders and customers.

Kristi is an advocate of the Agile approach coupled with domain driven design, design thinking, service design and lean business architecture techniques.

She has worked with many global organisations to assist with implementing agile methodologies and techniques, improving business processes and implementing new processes.


Mitch is an experienced data and programming specialist whose focus is on transforming complex business logic into efficient, automated and integrated data workflows.

With a corporate background in Finance and Economics, Mitch found himself intrigued by the world of development and quickly learned a plethora of programming languages. This understanding of the bigger picture enables Mitch to see the potential of customised workflows that can help a business to achieve more than what was previously thought possible.

He has worked with a range of small to medium sized businesses, providing them with customised solutions, including API and systems integration, customised programming and development, data visualisation, automation and much more.

MEET THE Co-Founder & Author

Jonathan MacDonald is an award-winning, bestselling author and one of the most in-demand keynote speakers in the world on the topics of change, digital transformation, mindset, innovation, strategy and the future. 

Jonathan has worked in over 100 cities globally and is internationally renowned as a business, technology and social expert. He has been creating and advising businesses for almost three decades and was the youngest ever Chairman of the British Music Industries Association. 

Jonathan’s book “Powered By Change” became a Sunday Times Bestseller and won the 2019 Business Book Awards. His latest book, The Rise Of Advanced Thought, was released in July 2021.